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Emotional Wellness

Chronic stress can wreak havoc on your mind and body. Stress mastery is a daily practice of presence, and there are many tools to help us control the stress in our personal and professional lives in order to boost happiness and emotional wellbeing and improve our overall health.


Learn fast, specific success strategies and tools to use the moment stress strikes.

Coaching includes your personalized stress profile and discovering how to activate the relaxation response for success even in the middle of challenges, change, and chaos.


Tap away your hidden blocks, limiting beliefs 
and unconscious self-sabotaging to claim your success. 
Restore balance and reclaim emotional wellbeing with this breakthrough restorative technique based on the Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Tapping can help you to feel positive and align with your Inner Coach; embrace self-empowerment; create a nurturing, loving relationship; find purpose according to the true value of your authentic self; empower your affirmations to work. In just minutes learn this self-healing method combining the principles of both Western Psychology and Eastern Acupressure to quickly remove long held limiting beliefs and negative emotions. 
Once released you really can joyfully achieve your Life Purpose and reach stellar heights.


Learn Mind-Body Techniques to reduce anxiety before surgery, use less pain medication, and heal faster. We offer Peggy Huddleston’s “Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster Program, and Lessen the Side-Effects of Chemotherapy Surgery Coaching.”


The Cosmic Challenge of Change: Current Trends & Cycles Consultation.

Do you find yourself asking, “What is going on and when is it going to STOP already?!” What does the cosmos have in store for you right now? Why has your life seemingly moved into crisis? Discover your current cosmic cycle and opportunity periods. Work with and through the changes for a positive outcome.


Life Coaching

60 Minutes: $100

90 Minutes: $140

Emotional Freedom Technique

Follow up: $140

Couples Coaching

Initial Session, 90 Minutes: $140

Couples Coaching

Follow up: $100

Astrology Consultation

Initial Session, 90 minutes: $140

Astrology Consultation

Follow up, 60 Minutes: $100


This ultimate 4 month soul nourishing package offers 8 deep tissue massages + 8 private soul coaching sessions. SPA life is a truly healing duo which encompasses cleansing the body, enriching the spirit, and grounding in pure potential. Soul Purpose Awakening (SPA Life) is a high vibrational commitment teamed with high quality support.  This naturally unfolding SPA therapy gives you a holistic approach to mental, emotional, and physical wellness.