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Energy healing benefits everyone. At Indigo Dragon we offer this form of healing with Laura Styler, a practitioner trained at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing – the world’s premier institute of hands-on healing and personal transformation. This is a healing system that works with an individual’s energy consciousness system to create physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Your energy field consists of numerous levels, each holding volumes of information on your health, behavioral patterns, personal issues, past histories, and much more. Energy healing works to unlock these volumes, so you can become more conscious of how you run your energy and give you tools to help bring yourself back to center as you move through your every day life.

This consciousness helps you to establish deeper connections to your divine qualities, your soul’s longing, and can lead you to your life task. It also creates space for you to access new pathways in exploring your emotions and their connection to dis-ease processes in the body. Using emotions as a tool to access and release unhealthy belief systems and energy blocks allows for lasting transformation.



Spirit Medicine for Self-Love, Self-Healing, Truth & Wholeness



Our inner journey begins in the ConSOULtation in which we fully and wholeheartedly meet you where you are. This is where we will understand our purpose in working together and set an intention that will support the transformation and refinement of your Soul for your Soul-Alignment Sessions to follow.

Follow up sessions will continue our journey inward into the light of your Soul. Each session will begin with breath work and a heart attunement to settle us into a sacred seat of consciousness. Deep seated emotional stress, trauma, dis-ease and physical pain will be integrated, digested, nurtured and healed as we tap into your innate wisdom, power and self-love.



Deeply relaxing, cleansing and rejuvenating, this ancient hands-on technique gently realigns the body both structurally and energetically. Using acupressure, feather stroking, massage, plant medicine and so much love, specific therapeutic grade plant medicine work to holistically stimulate all body systems. Raindrop Therapy improves immune system functioning by inducing the body’s natural healing response. Toxic energies in the mental and emotional bodies, as well as virus, bacteria and blockage in the physical body contributing to irritation, injury and discomfort are released. The vital strength of the Spirit is resurrected for a feeling of overall wellbeing.



Holistic harmony of body, mind and spirit is achieved through the transmission of high vibrational, spiritually guided life force energy. The love force is enhanced with therapeutic grade plant medicine and deliberate placement of crystal Spirits on and around the body.



Mother and baby bonding is nurtured through this spiritually guided energy transmission. This love force facilitates a heightened awareness of the inner sensory system to increase feelings of self-love, self-care, love for baby, and synergy between mama and baby on the Soul level. The power of connection is enhanced with therapeutic grade plant medicine and deliberate placement of crystal Spirits on and around the body.


Energy Healing Initial Session

90 Minutes: $185

Energy  Healing Return Session

60 Minutes: $125

Soul Alignment Initial Consultation

30 Minutes: $Love Donation

Soul Alignment Follow Up

60 Minutes: $100

Crystalized Reiki

60 Minutes: $100

In Utero Reiki

60 Minutes: $150

Raindrop Therapy

90 Minutes: $130


8 Pack of Soul Alignment Sessions


9 Pack of In Utero Reiki


Package of Crystallized Reiki

4 sessions $340

8 sessions $640

Package of Raindrop Therapy

 6 sessions $720

12 sessions $1,380