Indigo Dragon’s Preconception Cleanse
Preparing you and your partners’ bodies for conception is a wonderful way to ensure a healthy and balanced  pregnancy, birth and baby! At Indigo Dragon we offer a unique combination of the two ancient Eastern philosophies of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda to create a package to prepare, cleanse and support your future pregnancy, birth and life as a parent.

Jing, in Chinese Medicine, is the fluid essence of life force in the body.  At the moment of conception the strength of the Jing is transferred to the fetus from both parents.  It is this transfer that determines the resiliency of the child and beyond.  If the Jing is strong the child will grow up healthy but if the Jing is weak the child will come into the world in a less optimal state.

ACUPUNCTURE will aid in;
•    Preparing you and your partner for conception by optimizing your fertility-Boost Jing

•    Promoting strong ovulation
•    Monitoring ovulation
•    Balancing hormones – yin and yang
•    Soothing liver qi – relieve stress
•    Nourishing energy systems in organs
•    Detoxing excesses
Research has shown that the fetus can accumulate toxins from the environment, mom’s body, and food choices during pregnancy.  In your Ayurvedic consultation, you will learn about your unique constitution and what foods and lifestyle choices will keep you in balance. Any current imbalances will be addressed with a nurturing Ayurvedic cleanse that will gently rid your body of physical and emotional toxins, creating the best possible environment for pregnancy.

AYURVEDA will aid in;
•    Cleansing your body of physical and emotional toxins
•    Understanding your unique physical and mental constitution
•    Educating you on the right foods, exercise, lifestyle to keep your constitution in balance
•    Cleansing your home of toxic products
•    Eliminating toxic personal care products from your life
The objective of this preconception cleanse is to rid the body of toxins, boost fertility and prepare your body and mind for pregnancy.  The more you are prepared — by restoring  balance to your body and educating yourself on how to reduce further risk of imbalance or toxins —  the better start you’ll give your baby and yourself in Motherhood.

The Indigo Dragon Holistic Preconception Cleanse is a 6 week package that consists of 6 weekly sessions of acupuncture and 2 Ayurvedic consultations — one at the beginning and one at the end of your Ayurvedic cleanse.

6 week package

$785 for 1 person
$1,410 per couple