Happy Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster​!​

Happy Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster​!​

In order to make the most of this year simply be the Rooster! The rooster is the ” Dawn Awakener”. This is your year to be loud – let your voice be heard, be proud, be bright and be bold. Wake up early, dress in your brightest clothes, fun hair, fun jewelry, and start your day with a “Cockadoodledooooooooo”! Overall 2017 is going to be colorful and action oriented…A year to insight creativity, humor, honesty, and punctuality. But beware the complementary extremes of disorder, aggressiveness, impulsiveness, turbulence, and dominance.

As Chinese medicine practitioners who practice acupuncture, we are always looking for complementary ways for our clients to bring peace, calm and happiness to their lives, so we reached out to our favorite Feng Shui Master, Lisa Mckay (www.lisamckayfengshui.com) to discover some actions we can do immediately to allow the wind and water in our lives to flow most easily as we bring in the New Year.

  • Remove clutter from your spaces! The stagnant & heavy energy of clutter will interfere with the successful energies of 2017 impacting your opportunities including financial wealth.
  • Remove or repair everything that is not working in your home, office, business & car as these broken items are symbolic of how life is working (or not working).
  • Clean your home’s front entrance including landscaping, doors, windows, lights & welcome mat. A poorly kept or sterile entrance doesn’t attract the vibrant chi & provides the message we are indifferent to or struggling with life.
  • Complete all 2016 actions you identified as important. Having unfinished actions from 2016 that are still applicable to your life will influence what does or does not unfold for you in 2017.

To me the Fire Rooster inspires some real action!! We are going to be active in business this year but only truly successful if we can stay clear and bright!! I interpret this to mean going to bed with the sun and rising with the sun so that our energy will be stable, our minds sharp, and our bodies healthy. Also allowing time for organization and structure throughout every aspect. However don’t forget to let your hair down, hold your head high and wear your favorite brightest clothes and bling 😉 Cockadoodledoooooooo!!!


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