A gift on loan from heavn

Star Kids Profiles – Discover Parenting by Personality
by Jannine Oberg, M.S., Astrologer

Certified Wellness & Stress Management Coach
Montessori Trained

We have all heard that our children are “a gift on loan from heaven”. Indeed, children are delivered to us with gifts from the heavens!
We all know babies are born with unique personalities and can be very different from their siblings, but until they are older their personality can remain a mystery. However, it doesn’t have to remain a mystery. There is a “blueprint” of their talents, character traits, and basic personality in the astrological birth chart of your child.
How much easier and rewarding would parenting your child be, if you knew specific strategies that will bring forth the talents your child was gifted with at birth?

• What if you knew how to foster and encourage the TALENTS within your child?
• What if you discovered how to EXPRESS LOVE to your child in the unique way they are best able to RECEIVE LOVE?
• What if you learned how to COMMUNICATE with your child in the best way for them to easily understand and COMPREHEND your message?
• What if you could help them to feel EMOTIONALLY SAFE and NURTURED in a way that will remain within them (as though they have You inside like a GPS) after they leave home?
• For example, what if you knew that it was an EMPOWERING CHOICE for your child to select an individual or partner activity vs. a team or group activity? Then when your child gets anxious about joining a team, you can happily support them to select the best way to participate.
Client Example: “Well, you were right. My 3 year-old daughter really did have a problem with me doing everything for her. We used your idea of her setting the table for my husband and me each night, and that we wouldn’t be able to eat unless she did her part. She is so proud of her job! I had a hard time believing that we could find a way for her to feel powerful at only 3, but this has made a big difference in our house.” – Kelly H.
Individualize your Parenting Strategies according to the Heavens, so that your child becomes a STAR! Get better results when Communicating, Nurturing, and Motivating your child, so that they can thrive. Encourage and support your child in the way they can receive in order to become their best!
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