My Acupuncture Addiction

This is the first in a series of blog posts from an Indigo Dragon client on a journey to wellness. 

I have a new addiction, and it’s called acupuncture.

As someone who enjoys life’s pleasantries (a two hour massage, good glass of red wine, lengthy soak in the hot tub – get the picture?), I didn’t expect to be crossing the comfort divide and craving a regular needle poking session, but it turns out it’s exactly what I needed.

Now, I know as well as anyone that acupuncture has been around for a thousand years and is practiced all across the world. Anything that old has most definitely stood the test of time and helped millions of people in different ways, from stress relief to injury rehabilitation. But I had never invited it into my life as a form of treatment until this past year. Why? Mmm, the needles.

My concerns were quashed in my very first session. Most of the time I didn’t even feel the miniscule acupuncture needles as they got applied, and those that gave me a second’s sensation were not painful. If anything, the warm treatment “bed”, soft music and tranquil setting put me to sleep in minutes. Now that I’m an old hand at this, I find that if I don’t actually fall asleep during the sessions, I tend to move into a deep trance like state of consciousness that I’ve been actively embracing during the time Jen (my acupuncturist) vacates the room to let the acupuncture do its magic.

After my first two sessions I decided to commit to going weekly. I suffer from an autoimmune disease and started to see relief almost immediately… Along with some other holistic approaches, I am currently able to maintain my condition without the addition of dangerous drugs, and acupuncture has become a critical part of that journey. Depending on what my body needs each week, Jen introduces moxi (a traditional Chinese medicine therapy using moxa made from dried mugwort), cupping, or other modalities. Her intuition about which treatment my body needs has led me to believe that there might be some magic involved, but let’s keep that between us…

Although I first walked through the welcoming doors of Indigo Dragon in search of relief from the symptoms of my disease, I have now found that my weekly session brings so much more to my life. Importantly, I take the time out to actually relax (something that is a challenge for this goal-oriented girl), and relax I most certainly do. I feel the week’s stresses melt away as the balance of flow is corrected within my body. The pain in my joints ease with each session, and by this point is holding that pattern. And I feel like I hit the reset button on my body for the week ahead.

Acupuncture has now simply become something that I do, kind of like getting my hair trimmed or my teeth cleaned. Except unlike in those appointments, every part of my being benefits from these sessions.

Can you say the same about your pedicure?!

Yours in healing,


Kids Need Acupuncture Too!

I’m an acupuncture aficionado. I’ve had sessions once a week for over two years now and swear by its effects on my mind, body and soul. I’m also slightly obsessed with keeping my two sons healthy (did I just say that out loud?!), and recently started to wonder why I wasn’t treating them to the benefits of acupuncture. Then I remembered. Needles. Now I’ll be the first to tell you that acupuncture needles DO NOT HURT, but try telling that to a nine and 10 year old who won’t even let me use tweezers on a finger splinter.

So acupuncture fell to the back of my consciousness until I heard that Indigo Dragon Center had a new pediatric acupuncturist starting up. I was all ears. Would an acupuncturist specializing in children have a unique way of presenting the needles? Would he or she distract the kids with candy so they wouldn’t know what was happening? Actually, none of the above. Because in David Allen’s pediatric acupuncture they have ways to stimulate the acupuncture points without needles! A micro current modality — or “tickle machine” —  takes the place of the needles, while David let’s the child move around freely, totally putting them at ease. My son smiled and chatted away for 20 minutes and actually enjoyed the sensation of the micro-current machine. David asked some leading questions to understand my son’s constitution and any issues he may be suffering from and targeted his treatment accordingly.

Not only was it a walk in the park, but I saw a rapid improvement in some symptoms my son was suffering from shortly afterwards. Needless to say, we will be heading back in for more sessions.


The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine answer this question so perfectly, I’m just going to go right ahead and copy and paste it here: “A child’s bio-energetic systems are in the “yang” phase and not fully developed, which means their energy (qi) moves very quickly. Due to their rapidly growing bodies, infants consume large amounts of qi. This often depletes the organs most responsible for producing qi, which can result in hyper-stimulation and offers a fertile ground for health problems.”


Let’s face it — none of them can! The good news is, because they don’t have needles poking out of them, pediatric patients can move freely. David usually has a box of toys to keep them entertained, or, as in the case of my son, will just chat with them throughout the treatment. Also, with shorter treatment times, the session is over before they’ve had a chance to get bored.


A better question would be, “What doesn’t it treat?” Just like within the adult population, acupuncture can help with anything from the common cold, to asthma, to food allergies to autism.


Since the nervous system runs on electricity to conduct it’s signals, and acupuncture needles works because metal needles interact with this electricity, we can use mild topical electrical stimulation to do the job. All they feel is a mild “tapping” sensation on the skin. Kids love the “tickle machine”!


Star Kids Profiles – Discover Parenting by Personality
by Jannine Oberg, M.S., Astrologer

Certified Wellness & Stress Management Coach
Montessori Trained

We have all heard that our children are “a gift on loan from heaven”. Indeed, children are delivered to us with gifts from the heavens!
We all know babies are born with unique personalities and can be very different from their siblings, but until they are older their personality can remain a mystery. However, it doesn’t have to remain a mystery. There is a “blueprint” of their talents, character traits, and basic personality in the astrological birth chart of your child.
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• What if you learned how to COMMUNICATE with your child in the best way for them to easily understand and COMPREHEND your message?
• What if you could help them to feel EMOTIONALLY SAFE and NURTURED in a way that will remain within them (as though they have You inside like a GPS) after they leave home?
• For example, what if you knew that it was an EMPOWERING CHOICE for your child to select an individual or partner activity vs. a team or group activity? Then when your child gets anxious about joining a team, you can happily support them to select the best way to participate.
Client Example: “Well, you were right. My 3 year-old daughter really did have a problem with me doing everything for her. We used your idea of her setting the table for my husband and me each night, and that we wouldn’t be able to eat unless she did her part. She is so proud of her job! I had a hard time believing that we could find a way for her to feel powerful at only 3, but this has made a big difference in our house.” – Kelly H.
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