Massage is More Than Touch

Massage is More Than Touch

Bodywork feels great!  Some days, that’s enough. Yet if you’re in pain and under stress, you may want more from your massage than the simple luxury of touch. Here at Indigo Dragon our master therapists can address the many facets of stress we carry through our lives-mental, emotional, and physical. Our bodies do us a great service by storing our stresses.  This survival mode allows us to continue to function and maneuver in our jobs, families, and relationships. But when pain occurs, our bodies are sending strong messages.  HELP!!!  Pain is the first sign the body gives us when it’s no longer able to release the tension of stress it’s been carrying. Pain is our body’s way of asking for help, we can help interpret that message and get you back in the game.


Massage to the rescue! It really can be that dramatic. By massaging the body our therapists will help muscles, tissues, and organs do what they’ve been unable to do for themselves. The results are often remarkable and here’s why.

During a therapeutic massage:

-AHH the nervous system surrenders and begins to re-pattern spastic muscles responses, which create kinks, knots, and numbness.

-Lymph fluid is pumped, assisting the immune system in the elimination of toxins. These toxins can irritate nerve fibers, or cause headaches, joint pain and inflammation.

-Connective tissue is stretched and stimulated to unravel and realign, allowing great flexibility and range of motion.

-Blood vessels dilate, improving circulation. This in turn brings more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, stimulates blood, and helps remove toxic congestion. This is especially helpful in removing fatigue from overexertion or injury.

-Internal organs are stimulated improving digestion, assimilation of nutrients and elimination of waste.

-Releasing tension in the muscle fibers allow the entire body to adjust and in turn relieve chronic pain.

Your body is reminded to relax, reset, and encouraged to realign. With skilled touch and manual manipulation of the tissue, muscles, and joints the body is encouraged to internally heal. Releasing the muscles, relaxing the nervous system, reorganizing the fascia, and opening up to our body’s innate intelligence for healing is the magic of massage.

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Let’s Talk About Love!

Thump Thump Thump

Let’s talk about love, baby. Let’s talk about our anahata, our fire, and our thump. For those of you about to google anahata, hold the phone I did it for you! Anahata is the sankrit name for the heart chakra. Wikipedia states, “pure,clean, stainless.” “The name of this chakra signifies the state of freshness that appears when we are able to become detached and to look at the different and apparently contradictory experiences of life with a state of openness.” This center is where we attract and radiate love. Tis the season to show our super-kinda-really important heart chakra some TLC.

I am going to shine light on some ways in which we each can nurture the sacred alter in our chest.

  • Louise Hay is the queen of affirming. She gave us this affirmation to help draw in that which our hearts yearns for, JOY. Say it with me now; “I bring joy back to the center of my heart. I express love to all.” Repeat this affirmation until you feel into it.
  • Forgive someone! Yeah…I know. Not easy. But in order to draw in more love, we need to let go of some pain and lighten-up. The course in miracle reminds us, “I am the light of the world. Forgiveness is my function as the light of the world. The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness.” Let’s make it a point to be lighter and let go.


  • Caroline Myss tells us the shadow side of Lover manifests as, “exaggerated or obsessive passion that has a destructive effect on our physical or mental health and self-esteem.” Don’t be in denial. We all do it! In order to shift we must first become aware. The first person you thought of is the one who may continuously remind you to practice this step. This shadow reminds us to tend to ourselves. When we nurture our inner nature we are reminded of who we are, what we love, and what makes us heart happy.

Side note: Most of the time getting back to the basics is just enough to lift our spirits. The basics I am referring to are water, nutritious meals, exercise, and sleep.

A heart happy you, makes this world a better place. Open up, radiate, and attract the joy that is all around you. Make this valentines day special for yourself. If you want chocolate and flowers, go buy it for yourself and share some with others. Don’t wait for someone else to love you. You’ve got love in you, thumping in your chest to remind you 😉

Written by: Karleigh Rose Goggins. Indigo Dragon’s licensed massage therapist and energy enthusiast

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