What do healthy breasts feel like?


What other part of our bodies do we strap into a tight garment? One that constricts movement, breathing, blood and lymph flow for hours a day? Imagine if you did that to your arm! What would happen to it? Boobs (yep, we’re going clinical here) need movement; they need to feel soft and supple. Heck, they even tingle when they are really happy! How are your breasts feeling? Do you get breast pain and swelling each month? Do you have fibrocystic breasts? Do you worry about breast cancer? Well…Your breasts are telling you something. They’re telling you you need Breast Health Boot Camp!


The Do’s and Don’ts

DO let your buddies breath, bounce and giggle everyday.

DO restrict coffee, alcohol and chocolate (except for an occasional bit of dark chocolate with very low sugar.)

DO Pack you buddies in bras with no underwire. There are several studies that have linkED breast cancer to underwire use.

DON’T ever sleep with a bra.

DON’T ever store your cell phone anywhere near your breasts. (Or any other part of your body for that matter)

DO breast massage: Here’s a video to show you how.

DO Castor Oil Breast Packs once a month. Here’s how: (What you need: 30 min, Castor Wool Flannel, Organic Castor Oil, Ace bandage wrap, heating pad, old t-shirt, zip lock bag.) Apply a liberal amount of castor oil to breast. Do breast massage. Apply wool flannel to breast. You can add more castor oil to the flannel as well. Cover breast completely. Apply heating pad. Take the Ace bandage and create a “bikini” figure 8 wrap to secure the flannel in place. Throw on the old t-shirt. Grab a book, meditate, breath deep into your breast and relax…Give yourself at least 20 minutes but you can do more. When you’re ready, unwrap breast, do breast massage again and then wipe off castor oil. Throw on a tank top, or shirt for the rest of the day. Let the breasts giggle and feel free!

DO take supplements for breast health: Iodine, Selenium, and Chinese Herb Formulas.

DO get a thermogram and ultrasound every year. Thermograms can detect breast cancer long before an actual tumor is in formation. A mammogram detects breast cancer once the cells have multiplied to over 10,000! They also expose you to a ton of radiation. They do have their place in diagnostic breast cancer but there is mounting evidence that they don’t really help prevent breast cancer. And what happens when something suspicious is found on a mammogram? You are sent for a diagnostic ultrasound. Painless and completely safe. Why not start with a thermogram and a diagnostic ultrasound? Don’t let health insurance dictate what’s best for you. Then, if needed get the mammogram.

DO a cleanse. It’s better to do a 3 week cleanse but if you only can manage a few days, we’ll take it! Give your body time to rid itself of the toxins it accumulates. Breasts have lots of fat tissue that like to hold onto toxins. Indigo Dragon has several cleanse options and we help you pick the one that is right for you.

DO examine the ingredients in your household items. The skin is our largest organ and picks up chemicals from the environment. Get rid of any toxic products and find new healthy products to use on your body, in your house, on your pets and in your yard.

If you do this you”ll find…….

Your breasts will start to tingle, feel soft and supple, they will be perky and happy. They won’t hurt with your menstrual cycle. Breast feeling will be easier. Chinese medicine considers the breasts an extension of the heart. Our breasts are the first to feel what our hearts send out and bring in. Clearing emotional patterns and painful memories will help breast health. Go for it ladies! And, as always, if you have any questions, we’re always here to help.

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