Outdoor Yoga

Indigo Dragon is honored to be the first location in North County San Diego to offer outdoor yoga in a tranquil garden setting. Come join us in the peaceful surroundings of our Zen outdoor space, complete with fountains, trees and ocean breezes.

At Indigo Dragon our motto is “Come as you are,” and we believe that yoga is for EVERYONE. By gently moving the body and freeing up tension you can open the door to greater mindfulness and allow your nervous system to renew and revitalize.

Whether you are a yoga addict or discovering the practice later in life, recovering from injuries or simply seeking inner peace, come join us for an authentic yoga experience in a blissful environment.

Yoga on the Deck

Come join us and take your yoga practice outside. Connect with your mind, body, and nature in this non-competitive yoga environment, open to all levels. Space is limited, so please sign up for your class in advance in our online booking system.

Wednesdays 9 am – 10:00 am with Catherine Divine
Friday 9 am – 10:00 am with Monique Monihan

This class compliments the healing process.  Deeply nourishing and revitalizing for that part of you that needs time to regenerate, recover and unwind. Taught on our yoga deck in the beautiful garden with the smell of the ocean and sounds of the birds promotes a deep state of relaxation.  Good for all levels and can accommodate injuries through the special use of props.  To provide specialized attention, class size is small.


I had the most relaxing experience possible at Indigo Dragon. Charlene Goodman was my therapist and she is so loving and kind, not to mention a very skillful practitioner. I saw Charlene about a week before a very stressful event and after her treatment, all the stress was released and didn’t return! Charlene worked with me to pinpoint the areas that held the most tension and worked through each one. She devoted special attention to spots she was able to pinpoint that needed more work. I will be a lifelong client of Indigo Dragon and am so happy they are part of my neighborhood and such awesome contributors to the community of Leucadia!

Kellie Shay Hinze
Kellie Shay HinzeGoogle

I met Karleigh at Indigo Dragon when I needed body work/massage after an intense car accident. When she introduced herself, her energy was so bright and welcoming that I immediately knew I was in the right place. Throughout my recovery, my body always felt totally replenished after a session. Having fully recovered now, I still am on a regular schedule because it simply improves my life! Her practice utilizes several different techniques and she is excellent at understanding what your body (and your soul) needs. The cupping therapy has been really great for me. I definitely recommend scheduling a session with Karleigh!

Jeran Van Alfen
Jeran Van AlfenGoogle

This gorgeous sanctuary has provided me with the best support I have ever received. I have worked with Amy, Ashley, and Jen on numerous occasions and their work has helped me heal. I was struggling with candida, anxiety, and acne. With the help of herbs and acupuncture my stagnation became fluid, my blood and skin healed and I am less anxious. Acupuncture is based on Chinese medicine. I often ask what everything means and how it works and they educate me while I’m on the table. I love knowing how my body functions and the way natural medicine works. Thankful for this space.

Karleigh Goggins
Karleigh GogginsGoogle
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