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Ancient Wisdom Modern Touch

Indigo Dragon is a full service wellness center based in the heart of beautiful Leucadia, California. We specialize in a wide range of health modalities from acupuncture, chiropractic and massage to midwifery, naturopathy, physical therapy, energy healing, classes and cleanses.

Our goal is to help you reach optimum physical, emotional and spiritual health in a peaceful, nurturing environment. Once you walk through our gate we meet you on your journey to wellbeing, wherever that may be. From surfers and athletes to children and the elderly, our focus is on helping you be the best you possible at any stage of life


Our journey began long before we opened our doors at Indigo Dragon.  Ashley, Amy and Jennifer, the acupuncturists at Indigo Dragon, had been working together for 2 years before they decided to open a place of their own.  Initially they were just looking for a space to provide acupuncture treatments in Encinitas.  Months of searching without finding the right space were beginning to get their hopes down.  One day, Ashley & Jennifer were looking at a place in a stale medical building when Ashley casually said, “You know, I’ve always wanted to open an acupuncture center in Encinitas called Indigo Dragon.” You should have seen the look on Jennifer’s face! She thought that Ashley could quite possibly be crazy! As luck would have it, the next day Jennifer was talking to a patient about how hard it is to find a good property to practice acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic, and yoga in Encinitas, when she was given a gift from the heavens.  “There’s a cute little place over in Leucadia. It’s perfect for you guys. Go look at it. I’ll call the property managers and tell them you’re the perfect fit.”  Jennifer raced over, took one look, with her heart pumping and eyes full of joy she called Ashley and said, “Get over here. I think we’ve found Indigo Dragon! It’s the perfect spot to set up to do acupuncture in Encinitas.” It was destiny. The owners of the property had turned down 36 applicants because their vision was to have a wellness center or acupuncture clinic occupy the space. It’s hard to believe that was 10 years ago!  Jennifer and Amy had 9 month old babies and Ashley was about to be married. With babies on hips and wedding bells ringing they set out to transform the space. When they initially found the location for Indigo Dragon, it wasn’t necessarily their intention to open a wellness center. But once they stepped into the magical grounds they knew exactly what they needed to do.  You will oftentimes hear them say, “Indigo Dragon chose us!” Ashley, Amy and Jennifer brought their acupuncture businesses with them to this magical spot in Encinitas and something amazing began to happen. People who had been receiving acupuncture previously began to have amazing break throughs. Could it really be that Indigo Dragon sits on top of some sort of powerful healing oasis?  As this occurred word got out and chiropractic doctors, massage therapists, energy workers, nutritionalists and many more began to show up asking to work at Indigo Dragon.  Soon their little wellness center  in Encinitas began to bulge at the seams. Growth was necessary as more and more people wanted massage treatments, chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture sessions. After 10 years Indigo Dragon is a crucial center for health & wellness in the Encinitas community.  All the practitioners at Indigo work together to help people reach optimal health, whether that is through outdoor yoga, massage treatments, chiropractic or more.

Health is more than just a treatment or two, which is why Indigo Dragon offers classes and events as well. In fact, we are the only spot that offers outdoor yoga in Encinitas on our beautiful, tree-framed deck. Yes, we said outdoor yoga in Encinitas! It doesn’t get much better than that, does it? And we have a selection of Encinitas massage therapists suited to every kind of need, whether deep tissue, Thai, or energy healing. We are all in this together and anyone who is on their path to health knows that at Indigo Dragon they are in good hands. Most importantly, they know they are not alone.

Our slogan here at Indigo Dragon is Ancient Wisdom Modern Touch. It really speaks to where we operate from. Authentic healing has been around for thousands of years and there is wealth of knowledge about how the body, given the right direction, can heal itself. Adjusting a spine that is out of alignment allows the nerves that innervate organs and limbs to function properly. That’s why we feel it is important to offer some of the best chiropractic and energy healing treatments in Encinitas. Not forgetting acupuncture, of course! Acupuncture points in specific areas can alleviate back pain by communicating with the brain, thereby reminding the body it has the ability to heal itself.  Intentional touch can remove knots and adhesions that are causing discomfort.  Our bodies are amazing. And whether you make use of our acupuncture, chiropractic, massage treatments or Yoga Clinic in Encinitas, you’ll find the sweet spot for your own personal journey to health.

Many things have changed throughout these last 10 years. Our children are growing up, our business has matured to the point that we now embrace a full service team of wellness professionals, and we are enjoying the more recent launch of our outdoor yoga in Encinitas. What hasn’t changed, however, is the reason we started it all. From the moment we decided to dedicate our careers to helping others heal from within, to our busy little hub of wellness that is Indigo Dragon today, we have always been motivated by seeing the improvement in our patients and our friends, and bringing positive energy to the town we love so much. Acupuncture, chiropractic, massage treatments, and yoga clinic in Encinitas – it doesn’t matter what part of our business we look at, we feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to spread healing and happiness.

So next time you feel like a little pick-me-up, a de-stress session, or some deep healing, come through our gate into the world of Indigo Dragon. Someone will always be there to greet you and help guide you to the right place for you. Because this acupuncture clinic in Encinitas was designed to bring the community together in a very special place, for the very special people who walk through our door. We can’t wait to meet you and bring you with us on our journey through the next 10 years. Who knows what wonderful places we will go together.

You should also know…

Whether you seek comprehensive pain management for chronic disease, a Zen outdoor yoga experience or simply wrinkle elimination through acupuncture, our customized programs provide everything you need.

So take a deep breath, relax, and come on in…Your journey to wellness starts here.

I had the most relaxing experience possible at Indigo Dragon. Charlene Goodman was my therapist and she is so loving and kind, not to mention a very skillful practitioner. I saw Charlene about a week before a very stressful event and after her treatment, all the stress was released and didn’t return! Charlene worked with me to pinpoint the areas that held the most tension and worked through each one. She devoted special attention to spots she was able to pinpoint that needed more work. I will be a lifelong client of Indigo Dragon and am so happy they are part of my neighborhood and such awesome contributors to the community of Leucadia!

Kellie Shay Hinze
Kellie Shay HinzeGoogle

I met Karleigh at Indigo Dragon when I needed body work/massage after an intense car accident. When she introduced herself, her energy was so bright and welcoming that I immediately knew I was in the right place. Throughout my recovery, my body always felt totally replenished after a session. Having fully recovered now, I still am on a regular schedule because it simply improves my life! Her practice utilizes several different techniques and she is excellent at understanding what your body (and your soul) needs. The cupping therapy has been really great for me. I definitely recommend scheduling a session with Karleigh!

Jeran Van Alfen
Jeran Van AlfenGoogle

This gorgeous sanctuary has provided me with the best support I have ever received. I have worked with Amy, Ashley, and Jen on numerous occasions and their work has helped me heal. I was struggling with candida, anxiety, and acne. With the help of herbs and acupuncture my stagnation became fluid, my blood and skin healed and I am less anxious. Acupuncture is based on Chinese medicine. I often ask what everything means and how it works and they educate me while I’m on the table. I love knowing how my body functions and the way natural medicine works. Thankful for this space.

Karleigh Goggins
Karleigh GogginsGoogle
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